Project Description

Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership Ltd is accredited by IOSH and the CIWM, and provides training, assessment and consultancy solutions to the waste sector. They supply Permit applications for waste sites. assessment for WAMITAB and Health & Safety Management Systems for all sizes of organisations, from multi-nationals, through to sole traders.

The company has over 20 years experience, and as one of the original WAMITAB Centres, are able to offer a full suite of qualifications from WAMITAB Level 1 and 2 Qualifications in Sustainable Resource Management, through to WAMITAB Level 4 Qualifications in Anaerobic Digestion, Mechanical Biological Treatment and Landfill.

What we do

We’ve worked with Environmental Leadership since 2004 when we designed their first website.  Since then, we’ve had two major website rebuilds in reaction to the changing services the company offers in its evolution.  For the new website, we worked closely with Envirolead to develop a simple layout with sections for management systems, site management, WAMITAB, and training.

The company colour schemes and logo have been updated, and we’ve produced and printed stationery, conference banners, and much more.

Our team designed and installed a fully networked office with cloud data backups and remote access, exchange mailboxes, and software systems.

Web Design & Maintenance

Print Design

Internal Systems


IT Training


Print Design