Project Description

Messenger Cast Stone

For over 40 years, Philip Messenger and his team have been a leading manufacturer of all types of cast stone and pre-cast concrete products.

Their range includes cast stone pier caps and concrete pier caps for gateposts, coping stones for the top of garden walls, precast stone name plaques, gate posts, troughs, tubs, concrete benches, ornamental garden products, and even lightweight artificial rocks.

What we do

We started working with Philip Messenger back in 2001, to bring his wide range of precast products to a wider audience.  

Within the first year, we realised there was a large demand for precast in the south of England and no-one to fulfil the orders.  We provided a pallet shipping service, and order soared.  During the financial crash of 2009, this extra work enabled Phil’s team to carry on production when many of his competitors folded.

We photographed hundreds of products for his website an organised it in to a mega-menu navigation to make products easy to find.  We also provided CAD drawings of the products to help designers and draughtsmen incorporate them in to their construction designs. 

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